Fishing Trip June 13, 2023

Fishing Trip June 13, 2023

Plans do change and so was the case with our fishing trip. It had to be postponed a day because of the rain.  Unfortunately this prevented some who had wanted to fish at Highland Fish and Game Club not being able to.

For those that were still able to attend, it was blast!  The weather was perfect and there were no bugs.  There were no men or women lost at sea!

Everyone caught fish which were either rainbow trout, speckle trout or bass.  Some even caught salad on occasion.

We were so grateful to our hosts Yvonne and Fred along with their friend Roger who helped drive a boat and give fishing tips.

Donna Marie caught the biggest fish of the day.  That could be debatable as Jack pulled in a big one, but returned it before a picture could even be taken.  His explanation for throwing it back into the lake was, "He's old like me."  What a great sport!  Yeah team "Seniors Know How To Fish"