Club News

Party Time! It’s the 50th Anniversary of our Club
Coming soon to your Seniors’ Club! Yes, it’s the 50th Anniversary of our Club, first established in 1973. Our planning committee is working on some great events and activities for our members in the Fall of 2023. We hope that each of you, and your family and guests, will take part in this Golden Anniversary. Do you have any ideas or energy to share? Contact any member of the Club’s Board of Directors or the 50th Anniversary Committee Chair, Rose-Anne Boucher, 613-281-0413 or

Watch for updates on planned activities and how you can help, coming soon! As you can see below, our building will have a facelift just in time for this celebration. Let’s match that to make this “The Best Seniors Party” ever.

Our Club Building is Getting A Make-Over!
We applied for and received a Trillium Grant to do some important work on our building. The work will include replacing windows and the roof shingles, rebuilding the deck, ramp, and doors, and some other smaller improvements The deck has a lot of wear and tear in its structural base and needs a redo. These changes will help with ongoing heating costs as well as make the building more accessible to people using motorized wheelchairs. We expect the work to begin seriously in mid-June (after our AGM), and to be complete by mid-August (in time for our Irish Festival Tea). Thanks so much to our Secretary Liz Sidor and other members and directors for doing all the work to get this grant, and for your ongoing efforts in the summer to ensure it all goes well. Please note: The Club may be inaccessible while renovations are in progress. Stay tuned for updates.